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Are you looking to get away for a weekend or a dream trip? Need a little help getting organized or figuring out what to do? Know what you want but do not want to take the time to do all the sifting through information and making reservations? You have come to the right place for help!!

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(608) 575-3488

About Us:

We have always loved to travel as well have always said that we wanted to “live our passion”. We did not get the courage to actually make that jump until our kidney transplant experience (Ron was in kidney failure and Sue was a match!!) helped us re-visit our life priorities. We decided to follow our passion for travel and assist others with their travel dreams. Our goal is to use our travel experience and knowledge to create unique adventures which will leave lasting memories while also saving some time and headaches! We can assist with travel as simple as booking your family on their dream vacation to an extended family or large group gathering with something for everyone.  We are affiliated with all of the major travel companies and will meet with you when and where it works for you.  Please contact us with your next travel idea and we would love to help you make it a reality!

                                                         -Sue and Ron Marsden

See Your World Adventures, LLC

149 Fawn Court

Oregon, WI 53575


Why Use Us as your Travel Consultant?

  • You will pay the same, or less in most cases than you would if you planned it yourself.

  • We are happy to meet when and where is best for you. No rushing to meet our office hours and we can come to you.
  • Planning takes time and who has any of that?
  • We have, or know others who have traveled where you want to go.
  • There is a lot of information online but it can be overwhelming and misleading.
  • We have relationships with our vendors and only work with those that are reputable.
  • We can help you find unique experiences and fit them together so they flow...
  • We will help you with plans and questions big or small. Not all agents are willing to dive into the details.

**Proud members of the Oregon, WI Chamber of Commerce.